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Have a good look around, this is area is all about you! You can contribute your own work to this area such as artwork or poetry and you’ll also find information on the different groups that are running at New Horizons.

New Horizons Membership

What does it cost?
Membership costs £2 per year or you can get life membership for £10.

Why join?

  • Fun & Friendship.
  • Opportunity to vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Able to participate on the Management Committee
  • Able to access a range of volunteering opportunities. For more information on volunteering click here.
  • Access to a range of training, sports, leisure & social activities. Check out the training & activities section for up to date info.

How do I join?

Ask a member of staff or volunteer for a membership form in any of the resource or outreach centres or download from here and send with fee to the Aberdare Resource Centre.

Need Peer Support?

Why not join which is a website project managed by New Horizons which has an active and lively discussion forum in which you can share your views, thoughts or comments.

Members Poetry

My Wish For You

I do not wish for you an easy road,
With merry sunbeams dancing every day.
But I would wish for friends to share your load
And quiet streams to rest by on your way.

I do not wish you fame and earth’s reward,
or treasures that can fade and pass away.
But I would wish you friends of precious gold
To cheer our heart upon the darkest day.

Wesley Stephens


Patterns combusting
Mindset adjusting
Onlookers laughing
Senses adjoining
Head exploding
Lifelines depleting
Thoughts conflicting
Reality confusing
Heartbeat racing
Success eluded
Body degenerated
Brain medicated
Concepts abducted
Consciousness deducted
Dreams interrupted
Ailments branded
Suffering wretched
Waistline extended
All for one poxy illness

M S Olson

Art & Craft Group

Come along and join the New Horizons Art & Craft Group. To read more check out their Blog!

Music Group

Come along and join the New Horizons Music Group. To read more check out their Blog!

Mens Group

Come along and join the New Horizons Mens’ Group. To read more check out their Blog!

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